Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A polaroid a day til ......

I was listening to cbc radio today (radio station listened to all across Canada) and they had a story about someone who took one picture a day for 18 years. His story is quite interesting. He started to capture a polaroid a day in March 1979, the pictures stopped in October 1997 (he passed away at 41). Here is a link to the pictures photographer is Jamie Livingston. The blogger is Hugh Crawford. A man named Chris Higgins found the pictures on the internet (by accident). As you can see (on the 1st link just above) there is no information on the site at all, just pictures. So Chris wanted to know who this was etc. So he investigated. Here is a link to Chris's story and what he found out about the photgrapher (Jamie). I thought you might find it interesting. It's neat to see someone who has "documented" his life with pictures. It's too bad he isn't here to write a post with every picture.
The picture I've posted above is from October 1997, he and his fiance were married shortly after.