Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blue Christmas ....

Well, here's my first card (on my blog) for a long time ! I guess I just had lots going on, or at least that's the excuse I keep telling myself LOL! After some nudging from some really great friends I decided nows the time to catch up a bit.
Not much has happened really. We had a good start to the school year. Jonah's in s/k and Matthews's in grade 7 and loving it .... NOT ! LOL Just kidding, they like it okay. They're both doing well with their teachers, thank goodness.
We enjoyed a great Christmas, 2 actually. The first with Craig's side of the family on Christmas day then my side of the family on boxing day. Nice to spend time with family.
Tomorrow night we'll have our closest friends over for a small New Year's Eve bash. We're all excited.